Step by step - buy a MJ and use promote code extend usage for FREE!

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    We know you love MJ and dying for it.

    Here is step by step to show you how to buy a MJ.

    1. Visit our official website.


    1. Click "BUY" , fill basic information then choose a plan.

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    1. You can reach this webpage by click "Account" to see your device(s), and promote code.

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    1. When you click "setup referral code", you well go to setup page like this, you can use system default or customize on your own.

    0_1460083400817_螢幕快照 2016-04-06 下午11.30.10.png

    1. Done. Simply generate your own referral code, and hand it out to your friends in case they need it! When they use your code buy a MJ, you will get extend usage (1y plan :30 days / 6m plan : 10 days / 1m plan : 5 days)

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    Do or do not, there is no try.


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