Mj Not working

  • I have 3 routers and none of them work. Chinese websites are ok but everything else is blocked. I have reset them multiple times and still doesn't work.

  • Did you ever get anything resolved? My MJ router isn't working, hasn't for a week. And it seems there's no way to contact MJ. Have you had any contact with them? Would appreciate any help or info you have, thanks.

  • hey guys.. any luck with getting a response from the MJ team?? we're also experiencing problems. namely, extremely low speeds (e.g. less than 0.5mb/s) when trying to stream video.. and no luck with playing anything from Australian based sites. would value your thoughts on whether MJ is worth keeping or not..!

  • My mj isn’t working either. It has completely stopped working as of today. Has anyone gotten any responses from the mj team?

  • My mj is not working either!

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