Mj Not working

  • I have 3 routers and none of them work. Chinese websites are ok but everything else is blocked. I have reset them multiple times and still doesn't work.

  • Did you ever get anything resolved? My MJ router isn't working, hasn't for a week. And it seems there's no way to contact MJ. Have you had any contact with them? Would appreciate any help or info you have, thanks.

  • hey guys.. any luck with getting a response from the MJ team?? we're also experiencing problems. namely, extremely low speeds (e.g. less than 0.5mb/s) when trying to stream video.. and no luck with playing anything from Australian based sites. would value your thoughts on whether MJ is worth keeping or not..!

  • My mj isn’t working either. It has completely stopped working as of today. Has anyone gotten any responses from the mj team?

  • My mj is not working either!

  • administrators

    we realized that device not working is super inconvenient.

    But... there are many factors to make MJ down, such as your modem changed an IP... machine expired... cable broken...

    Please help us find the problem according to the following method :

    1. Make sure your are connecting to MJ's WAN port. If not, please connect to WAN port and reboot MJ.

    2. try to visit www.baidu.com -> this site will always connected in China.

    if you cant visit baidu, means your modem / original router have some problem with DHCP and made MJ device get an not functional IP.

    1. if baidu works, please visit https://mj-networks.com -> check if your machine expired.


    Do or do not, there is no try.


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